How our products are made!

Great product ideas can come from anywhere and anyone! It’s a wonderful experience to be involved in the process of creating Tatty Teddy, from a piece of artwork to a three-dimensional product. 

Our Product Development process involves a team of creative people who truly understand the unique characteristics of
Tatty Teddy.  
Once artwork is agreed, our product developers brief our experienced suppliers and together they work on creating the unique product which is Me to You.

Each Tatty Teddy is handmade with loving care. Hand-stitching and blow drying of the plush material ensures the highest quality product, together with strict production controls to ensure product safety for our customers. 

To ensure we achieve the consistently high standard we insist on for our entire finished product collection, we work closely with international authorities and testing institutions as a matter of course. 

The intricate care that goes into creating our Me to You product collection is evident by the unique designs and details.
Truly made with love from Me to You.